BoardPad is available for the Apple iPad and Windows 8 devices. It eliminates the burden of carrying cumbersome official meeting documents, by offering Committee meeting members at Macquarie University the flexibility of digital mobility. For information about the features of BoardPad, learn more.

Who uses BoardPad?

BoardPad has been adopted by Macquarie University Council, Macquarie University Hospital (MUH) board , U@MQ board, Macquarie University Centre for Health Economy (MUCHE) and the MGSM board.

Why use BoardPad?

1. Safe and secure with OneID

You can login to BoardPad safely and securely using your OneID, Macquarie University's identity and authentication method. Paper security is a key element of BoardPad, offering members peace of mind for committee meeting papers.

2. Reduces your carbon footprint

BoardPad replaces the need to carry around large folders of paperwork and ultimately saves carbon by reducing the need for paper.

3. Instant access to committee papers from anywhere, at anytime

Fast access to meeting schedules and papers online simply at a swipe of your iPad. Access to meeting papers is available anywhere provided you have a 3G SIM or WiFi on your iPad.

4. Saves time, increases flexibility and delivery quality

BoardPad's design and user interface offers a straightforward and streamlined way to organise, manage and conduct committee meetings.

Late papers can easily be added to the meeting agenda, ensuring accurate, current and secure access to meeting documents and all of the resources required for committee meetings.








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