What is Alerts.mq.edu.au?

Alerts.mq.edu.au enables Macquarie University Security staff to send emergency messages instantly to registered email addresses and mobile numbers in the event of an emergency. All Macquarie University email addresses are automatically registered with Alerts.

Click here to see an example of what an alert look like.

Keeping you informed

Emergencies on campus are extremely rare, but when an emergency happens we want to let you know quickly. Alerts makes it easy for you to stay safe and keep up to date when something unexpected happens.

You will automatically receive notifications via your Macquarie University email address (@mq.edu.au or @students.mq.edu.au) advising of emergencies and relevant updates. If you've set up a forwarding address, the message will be relayed to that address. You can choose to register additional details, such as your mobile number, or update your contact information by logging into the Alerts application.






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