SM 5. Document history

DateAuthorAction / Comment
2015.Jan.15M. KosnikInitial draft based on previous informal safe work procedure, 2011 QLD Guideline, and other similar documents from other universities. 
2015.Jan.23M. KosnikRevisions / feedback from Snorkelling working party of DBSAG.
2015.Mar.23M. KosnikRevisions / feedback from DBSAG meeting: A. Irvine, A. Sordes, S. Collison, J. Williamson, C. Brown, J. Cuomo, M. Kosnik, and J. Madin.
2015.May.29M. KosnikRevisions / feedback from public consultation: A. Stow, C. Brown, L. Madin, J. Madin, S. Collison, A. Irvine, and J. Cuomo.
2015.Jun.01M. KosnikMove from Open Document file to Wiki
2015.Jun.04M. Kosnik
  • Non substantive tweaks to wording and formatting of text in various places.
  • Change timing of rescue assessments: Allow 24 months for research snorkelers and only 6 months for snorkel guides (previously 12 months for both).
2015.Jun.15M. KosnikDraft sent to Michael Carley with recommendation. 6: Yes, 2: No, 3: absent without proxy.
2015.Aug.26M. Kosnik

M. Carley registered the Snorkelling Manual under the University's Work Health & Safety Management System and allocated it Document Number 120.

2016.Jun.15M. KosnikUpdate section names so that it can be merged into the DBSAG space.
2017. March.8A.SordesUpdate manual regarding recent change from DBSAG to DBSC and references to FieldFriendly
2018.August.08A SordesUpdate manual following feedback from snorkellers through consultation
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