What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a set of Internet cloud applications that helps you get work done from anywhere, on any device.

With your OneID and Google Apps you can work on your computer, in your browser or on your phone with the latest in range of useful things like personal storage, video calls, web sharing and spreadsheets, documents and slides. In addition to University Gmail for Students you can help yourself to Google+ Hangouts, Drive, Docs and more....your OneID is your passport to more from Google every day.

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Google Apps is...Google Apps is not...

...an official University product subject to standard policies and governance, most notably the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

...a direct replacement for DropBox, Box.Net, Yammer, SkyDrive and other personal cloud storage products. We're encouraging everybody to transition away from these to Google Drive to increase sharing convenience, eliminate costs, and reduce information security risk.

...a replacement for personal Google Drive storage for University collaboration
That is, if you want to store and share University information within mq.edu.au via Google+ or Drive you should use your University OneID Google Account instead of a consumer account you might have been using in the past.

...a University endorsed way of spontaneously communicating and sharing between students and staff

...a substitute for Truth.mq.edu.au or any other formal University campus storage product or record keeping system.

...a mandated replacement for Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word and Powerpoint. There are many similarities and overlaps but Macquarie has no current plan to discontinue licensing Office for students and staff.

...a suitable repository for sensitive data like patient information or personally identifying information from clinical trials. This kind of data is regulated by federal laws and typically has many strings attached to its care, custody and control.

Who can use it?

Google Apps is available to all students and staff with a current OneID on a personal opt-in basis (Mail and Calendar for Students only). We need to let you know that though your data is encrypted for safety in transit over the Internet, it may reside or pass through the United States, Europe and/or parts of Asia, and that as a US corporation Google's products may be subject to US legal jurisdiction.

Google Apps is handled different from University Gmail; our email data currently resides exclusively in Europe and is not stored in the USA.

Beyond Gmail, Calendar and Groups, it's an individual choice to use as much or as little of Google Apps as you'd like. By using Google Apps, you'll be accepting Macquarie University's Technology Acceptable Use Policy as well as Google's Terms of Service for Google Apps.



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  1. I'm new here.. How do i get MQ contacts to display in my GMAIL account??

    1. Hi Peter. You'll want to contact help@mq.edu.au or dial xHELP to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

  2. Hey I cannot access my student email. I was under the impression that my email password was my OneID password. I have entered this a number of times and it still says my password is wrong. 

    Anyone know what the solution is?

  3. Nathan, you need to raise a onehelp ticket. Call helpdesk on 02 9850 4357 and they will be able to assist.