After several months of development and testing, today marks the official launch of iLab.

What is iLab? It is Macquarie University's computer laboratory product that enables students to use the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X applications they require to do their University work from anywhere on most common platforms.

What are common platforms? You can connect to iLab if your personal device has one of the following five operating systems - Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android.

What is the process? To get started with iLab, you need to take only three simple steps:

  • download a client
  • install it
  • launch it

The iLab wiki space contains everything that you need to know about the product, including lists of the available Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X applications, answers to the most frequently asked questions and step-by-step instructions to download, install and launch clients.

The iLab journey starts right here, right now. iLab 1.0 simulates the University's general-purpose computer labs. And it is only the beginning. Future iLab releases will deliver course- and unit-specific applications.

If you have any questions about iLab, either post them in the iLab community forum or, if you are the shy type, email the iLab team directly.

The launch of iLab means that the days of being bound by physical labs are coming to an end.

Escape the lab rat race. Embrace iLab.