Access a Microsoft Windows 7 desktop from Linux

1. Download the VMware View Open Client.

Downloading iLab Clients

iLab is available for major operating systems and iOS or Android based mobile and tablet devices.

If you want to jump right to downloads, click here: get redirected straight to downloads

Why is it called something different now?

VMWare has changed the name of their VMWare View client, to VMWare Horizon View. This may be slightly confusing for existing users who have the current VMWare View Download. 

To "assist" in helping you find the right download, VMWare has been redirecting from the existing URL to a new Horizon View URL, which has added to the confusion. 

Download VMWare Horizon View 4.0 Clients to access iLab

Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac OSX, Windows and Linux now supported.

Sometimes the Ubuntu Software Centre can not find the official VMware View Client Package, only the open client. In this case install via the command line: sudo apt-get install vmware-view-client

For other Linux distributions, or if you are experiencing issues with the official download, an Open Source client is available at: Please select the package that matches the distribution and architecture of the Linux installation on your device. If you need to build from the source, the VMware View Open Client is hosted on Google Code here.

2. Launch VMware View Open Client. By default on Gnome it is located under Applications > Internet > VMware View Open Client. Agree to the License agreement to continue.

3. On the screen shown below set Address of View Connection Server to, open Options, check the "Always connect to this server at startup" box and then click continue.

3.5. Accept the iLab T&C.

4. On the screen shown below enter your OneID into the Username and Password fields, set Domain to MQAUTH and then click OK.

5. On the screen shown below select iLab, select your Display size and then click Connect.

6. Congratulations! You are using iLab.

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