Applications on iLab

Microsoft Windows 7 apps

Adobe DC Reader

View, navigate, and print Adobe PDF files

Minitab Express

Easy-to-use interface for students who are new to statistics.

Adobe Shockwave Player 12.1

The web standard for powerful multimedia playback.

Mondrian 1.2


Adobe Flash 20

Software to display vector graphics, animation, games and rich Internet applications.

Music2Go 6.67

Marketing simulation software.

Apple QuickTime Player 7.7.7

Multimedia player handling digital video, picture,soundand interactivity .

MYOB 19.8

Accounting and bookkeeping software.

ARC 3.52.17

Statistical scientific package based on the XLISP language.

NetLogo 5.3


Charis SIL 5.0

Charis Sil is a free font.

Notepad++ 6.7.3

Text editor with syntax.

CutePDF Writer 3.0

Convert, edit and create PDF files.

NVivo 10 and 11

Software to collect,organiseandanalysecontent.

EndNote X7.5

Reference management software.

PISA-m 1.0.2

Program to perform DEM-based probabilistic slope stability calculations.

ENVI 5.2

Software for processing and analysinggeospatial imagery. 

Processing 3.0.2

Open source programming language and integrated development environment.

EViews 8 and 9

Statistical package for Windows.

PuTTY 0.63

Terminal emulator,  serial console and network file transfer application.

Ghostscript 9.15

Software to process and convert files to postscript and PDF. 


R for Windows 3.2.3

Data manipulation,calculationand graphical display software.

Gretl 1.9.92

 GNU Regression, Econometrics, and Time-series software.

Stata 15

 Data analysis and statistical software.

GNU Emacs 24.3.1

Text editor.


RStudio 0.99

Integrated development environment for R.

GSview 5.0

Graphical interface for Ghostscript.


SAP 7.2

Business management software.

GVim/Vim 7.4

Text editor based on the 'vi' text editor. 


SAS 9.4

Statistical analyses software.

IBM SPSS AMOS Graphics 22

Software to specify, estimate, assess and present models.

Scilab 5.5.1

Numerical computational package.

IBM SPSS Modeler 15

Data mining software with a visual interface.


Econometrics and statistics package.

IBM SPSS Smartreader 22

Statistics Viewer.

Sirius 1.2

Molecular modelling and analysis system.

IBM SPSS Statistics 22

Statistical analysis software package.

TIBCO Spotfire S+ 8.2

Data analysis and statisticalmodelling.

Macquarie University's united approach to greener printing throughout our campus.

TeXnic Center 2.0

Integrated environment for creating LaTeX documents in Windows.

Java 8 update 77

Programming language used to create applications.

TeXstudio 2.5.2

Integrated environment for writing LaTeX documents.


Mathematical computing software for engineers, scientists and other researchers.

VLC media player 2.2.1

Open-source, cross-platform media player.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

Includes:Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote,Publisherand Outlook.

Web Browsers

Firefox, GoogleChromeand Safari web browsers.

MiKTeX 2.9

Typesetting system for Windows.

WinRATS Standard 8.2

Time series analysis and econometrics software.

Minitab 16 and 17

Statistical software.

Wolfam CDF Player 9.0.1

Computable Document Format viewer.

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