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 Can I print from my own device?
 Yes! You can setupiPrinton your own device. Find out more
 Can I print using a mobile device?

Yes. You can upload your print job at

 Having trouble with Mac setup?

See iPrint - Mac setup page for setup instructions.

 Can't print from your Mac device?
 I get asked to 'Authenticate' every time I print

If you have followed the steps to Set iPrint as your default printer (Mac) and you still get asked to 'Authenticate' every time you print, follow these steps:


Search your Mac for Keychain Access.

Step 2

Located the iPrint password chain, right click on iPrint and select Delete "iPrint".

Step 3

Select Delete.

Step 4

Quit Keychain Access.

Step 5

Print a new document as normal.

Step 6

When prompted, press the refresh sign to Authenticate.

Step 7

Enter mqauth\xxxxxxxx (your OneID number).

Note: Staff must include the 'mq' prefix before their OneID number.

Step 8

Enter your OneID password, check the 'Remember this password in my keychain' box, then select OK.

Step 9

Your document will now be sent to the printer, ready for release.




 What happens if my document doesn't print out?

If you are having issues with a print job, please contact your local support.

 I changed my document from colour to B&W but it doesn't print out?

Known issue: If you change your print document at the printer from colour to B&W, the estimated cost of the print job does not change on the screen. even you may have enough iPrint credit to print the job in B&W, iPrint sees that you have less credit than the estimated (colour) cost.

Therefore, the system will not allow the job to be printed. You will need to put more credit into your iPrint account to be able to print.

The actual cost of the job is correct when the print job is released.

 How much is printing?
 Single SidedSingle Sided
Black & White$0.11$0.22
Colour$0.50 – Special Offer$1.00
Black & White$0.22$0.44
 Where are iPrint enabled printers located?

All Student Access

  • Library all levels
  • 17 Wally's Walk - Digital Lounge

Restricted Student Access

  • FBE E4B Labs - rooms 102, 118, 206, 208, 214 and 306.
  • MUIC  E3A - rooms 167, 168, 169 and 170. 

 Gmail visitor account not working?

Known issue: Gmail removes periods from email addresses when processing them. For example, the email actually renders as

This is not an iPrint problem - it's a Gmail "feature".








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