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What is OneID?

OneID is the identity and authentication at Macquarie University, where all information systems can be accessed through the one identity. For Students this comprises of their student number and OneID issued password. For Staff this is their staff number (starts with "mq", "mqx" or "gm") and OneID issued password.

I have forgotten my OneID

Contact the IT Service Desk on (02) 9850 4357 or call in at 17 Wally's Walk, room 244.

I have a problem with my OneID

Please refer to the Help page for any problems or issues you are having with OneID or Sponsor OneID.

How do I get access to OneID-enabled systems?

To gain access to OneID systems you need to raise this OneHelp ticket or call the IT Service Desk on 9850 4357.

Who is entitled to get a OneID?

When you begin employment with Macquarie University you are issued a OneID number and password.

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