OneNet WiFi - campus wide wireless network

Macquarie OneNet WiFi is the easiest, most convenient every-day way for students and staff to connect wirelessly to our campus network and the internet with a set-and-forget personal connection.

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  OneNet Anywhere - remote network access

OneNet Anywhere, the Macquarie OneNet VPN solution, lets you connect from anywhere on this planet! Staff and approved students working from home or travelling can easily access the university network and carry out tasks with the same grade of network connection as if you were sitting at your desk.

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  OneNet Wired - reliable super fast network

OneNet Wired is the campus wide network infrastructure that provides reliable, fast, communal computer and telephone communication for every one of 14,451 wired outlets on campus.

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   Eduroam - roaming educational WiFi access

Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to get internet access when visiting other organisations by using credentials from their own institution.

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Other OneNet products:

OneNet Home

Simple campus network extension to home locations for authorised staff

OneNet Remote

University network access from events and other off-campus locations

OneNet Colo

Fast, safe and environmentally controlled server hosting in a campus datacentre


Raw internet connection for legacy physical servers in authorised campus locations




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