Connecting to Eduroam


iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Wi-fi > Wi-Fi switch On
  • Choose a network: eduroam
  • Enter your OneID with after it
  • Enter your password
  • Review & Accept certificate


  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Wireless and Networks
  • Choose Wifi Settings > Switch On Wireless
  • Choose a network: eduroam
  • Password > Enter your phone password
  • EAP Method > PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication > MSCHAPV2
  • User Cert, CA Cert  > Leave both Unspecified
  • Identity > Enter your OneID with after it
  • Anonymous Identity > Leave it blank
  • Wireless Password > Enter your OneID password
  • Select Connect

Mac OS X

 Eduroam requires MAC OS X Version 10.5.3 or later 

Step 1 - Configure your Macintosh

  • Select System Preferences then Network then Airport then Advanced.
  • Click on the 802.1X tab.
  • Click on the "+" button and select Add User Profile.
  • Name the profile eduroam.
  • Type in your One ID username (with after it) and password.
  • Under Authentication, ensure that only TTLS is selected and then click Configure.
  • Change the TTLS Inner Authentication to PAP and click OK.
  • Select eduroam in the Wireless Network drop down box.
  • Select the AirPort tab.
  • Click on the "+" button. Use the network name eduroam and select WPA Enterprise from the Security drop-down list.
  • Under the 802.1X drop-down list, select eduroam.
  • Enter your OneID username and password.
  • Click Add and then OK to save the changes.

Step 2 - Connect to eduroam

  • The first time you connect you will see a Verify Certificate window claiming that the certificate is not trusted.
  • Click Show Certificate.
  • Click Trust and change the setting to Always trust and then click Continue.
  • You should now see the following under your connection status:
  • Mac OS X will remember these settings every time you connect to eduroam from now on.

Windows 7

  • Ensure your wireless adaptor is enabled.
  • Ensure you have good wireless reception -  Your laptop should be able to detect the Wireless Network (SSID) named 'eduroam'.
  • Click on the wireless icon on your taskbar.
  • Click Connect on the eduroam wireless network option.
  • In the Windows Security screen, enter your OneID with after it, with your password and click OK.
  • Click Connect (If prompted, you may have to repeat the last step)
  • Click on the wireless icon to verify that you are connected.

Windows XP

  • Click Start then Connect to then Wireless network connection
  • Select eduroam and then click Connect
  • Click on the text within the balloon tool tip that pops up from the wireless icon in the task bar *'Click here to select a certificate or other credentials for connection to the network Eduroam
  • Enter your OneID username followed by
  • Enter your OneID password when prompted.
  • Tick Save user credentials to skip this step in future.
  • Check the connection:
    • Click Start then Connect to then Wireless network
    • If the connections show eduroam Connected try opening your web browser and browsing to
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  1. macOS Mojave (version 10.14.3)

    1 - Click the WiFi icon on the Desktop Menu Bar

    2 - Select "eduroam" - which will one an authentication dialogue box

    3 - Mode: Automatic,  Username:, Password: YourOneIDPassword