OneNet Anywhere

OneNet Anywhere, the Macquarie OneNet VPN solution, lets you connect from anywhere on this planet! Staff and approved students working from home or travelling can easily access the university network and carry out tasks with the same grade of network connection as if you were sitting at your desk.


Sign in easily with your OneID. Student access is available to those students with approval from Faculty Heads or Department Directors.


OneNet Anywhere provides a secure connection using standard software readily available on most devices (e.g. Mac OS, Windows, iPhone and Android) with an Internet connection.

Instructions to setup OneNet Anywhere access:


So what can you do if you don't have Internet connectivity? Contact your local IT support to discuss the options available to you, for example, the provision of either a wired or wireless alternative. This alternate connectivity may involve a charge to your cost centre so your Faculty/Department will have an approval process that needs to be followed and they would be happy to work with you to achieve this.


Still got questions or need further assistance? Contact to raise a ticket and your question or concern will be responded to.



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  1. Hi
    Could you please provide information on the process by which an approved authority can arrange VPN access for an undergraduate student? 

    1. Hi Simon,

      The approver (Faculty Heads or Department Directors) can raise the following OneHelp request by selecting 'Require VPN access', followed by the details of the request.

      Once submitted, this request will be directed to the appropriate person for review.



      1. Thanks for the quick response Andrew - that's most useful