OneNet Anywhere Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Frequently Asked Questions

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OneNet WiFi

 What is OneNet WiFi?

OneNet WiFi is wireless transmission that lets your computer or mobile device connect to the OneNet wired intranet and internet. The wireless radio waves that make this connection possible come from one or more high speed WiFi base stations. Macquarie University sports many hundreds of these base stations across campus, particularly in learning, teaching and student spaces. 

 Where can I access OneNet WiFi?

OneNet WiFi now covers most of the campus including the Library, U@MQ building and most building courtyards. The OneNet Wifi Coverage Map shows coverage and will be updated as more locations are added. 

 How close do I need to be to an access point to connect?

You can check whether you have access from where you are sitting by turning on your computer. If you are within range of an access point you will get a message that your computer has found a network and give you the option of choosing to enable this connection, once connected this network will appear as an available wireless network on your device. 

 What do I need to connect to OneNet WiFi?

You need a mobile device with wireless capability. New laptops come already equipped with wifi capability. 

 What services can I access with wireless?

The same services that you can currently access via a wired connection will be available via WiFi. 

 Can I download files using OneNet WiFi?

Yes, you can download files, but there are restrictions to the size of downloads and this is controlled by the University's networking team. 


OneNet Anywhere

 What is OneNet Anywhere?

OneNet Anywhere is Macquarie University's campus VPN access. Following some simple setup instructions on your computer or mobile device gives access to the Macquarie OneNet whether you are at home or abroad. Utilising IPsec to secure communications between your VIA-enabled device and campus services, you are granted a secure OneNet level of access.

 What does OneNet Anywhere do for me?

OneNet Anywhere gives you the ability to function as you would do if you were sitting at your desk. For example, accessing file servers or carry out tasks in campus apps (e.g. Student System or Finance System).

 Who can use OneNet Anywhere?

Any person who is currently employed (including contractors) by the university and has an active Macquarie University OneID can use this service. In certain circumstances, students can also use OneNet Anywhere VPN when approval has been obtained from the Head of Department or Faculty.

 What devices can I install OneNet Anywhere on?

OneNet Anywhere is accessible on Windows, MacOS, iPhones, and Android phones. To set up the OneNet Anywhere VPN on specific devices please refer to the set up guide for further information.

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