OneNet WiFi.Events

Are you organising an event involving a group of external users who do not have OneID or Eduroam access? Then OneNet WiFi.Events is the answer in delivering your event's own WiFi network access for a dynamic, secure and collaborative event.

Note: 2 weeks advanced notice is required to set up for your event.

What about coverage?

WiFi coverage across campus is secure and fast. To learn more click here.


To request a OneNet WiFi Event please complete this OneHelp request form. Please note that this request is subject to approval. 

For this request you will need to supply the network name you would like your attendees to see on their devices on the day. 


Still got questions or need further assistance? Contact to raise a ticket or call 9850 

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  1. Can guests e.g. contractors gain access to the Macquarie OneNet?

    Or can this ONLY be organised through OneNet Wifi.Events?

    1. Hi Rich,

      OneNet WiFi Events are setup for specific events i.e. Conferences, which may only be required for a day or two.

      Without knowing the specifics of your contractor's needs, there are longer term solutions available to access Macquarie OneNet.

      It's best if you contact directly to raise a ticket or call the HelpDesk on 9850 4357.

      Hope this answers your question.