OneNet WiFi

There are two fastest-available WiFi networks available on-campus in an ever-expanding coverage area: Macquarie OneNet and Macquarie Public.

Macquarie OneNet

Macquarie OneNet WiFi is the easiest, most convenient every-day way for students and staff to connect wirelessly to our campus network and the internet with a set-and-forget personal connection.

Any time your WiFi device is within range after being set up it will connect and authenticate automatically. The results are secure always-on connections without expiry and the ability to avoid costly 3G data access whenever you're in a coverage area.

Macquarie Public

Macquarie Public offers campus visitors access to basic Macquarie University web sites without the need to establish an account. Temporary casual access to the internet and secure intranet sites for students and staff is also possible by accessing a web page and identifying yourself with your Macquarie student or staff ID and password on each visit.

OneNet WiFi.Events

Are you organising an event involving a group of external users who do not have OneID or Eduroam access? Then OneNet WiFi.Events is the answer in delivering your event's own WiFi network access for a dynamic and collaborative event.

Find out how to set-up a OneNet WiFi.Event.

How do I connect?

Follow this link for instructions on connecting to OneNet WiFi.


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