OneNet Wired

OneNet Wired is the campus wide network infrastructure that provides reliable, fast, communal computer and telephone communication for every one of the wired outlets on campus.

How to setup a OneNet Wired connection

Submit a OneHelp ticket to get access to OneNet and then follow the simple setup procedure to configure OneNet on your PC or Mac.

Students vs Staff

OneNet Wired is primarily dedicated to staff but there are instances such as MUSE where students can connect to OneNet Wired.

Fast facts

OneNet Wired delivers:

  • Speed. 10X faster at the desktop. 800X faster in the data centre.
  • Scalability. Capacity to go 100X faster at the desktop, 2000X faster in the data centre.
  • Reliability. Operational incidents are down 75% year on year.
  • Availability. OneNet has no single point of failure.
  • Adaptability. Simple expansion has already accommodated the new medical school and library.
  • Safety. The intranet is secured by industrial strength firewalls and offers sophisticated telemetry.

OneNet Wired has deployed:

  • 36km of patch cables.
  • 690 racked switches.
  • 330 stacks.
  • 32000 switch ports.
  • Across 72 buildings.


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