Setup OneNet Anywhere on Windows 7

Please note: screenshots may reflect older versions of driver installation, but each Step and Driver Link is correct



Step 1

Windows 7 users download VPN installer Aruba-VIA-

Step 2

After downloading the VPN installer, select Run to start the Setup Wizard.

Step 3

At the Security Warning pop-up, select Run.

Step 4

Select Next.

Step 5

Check the License Agreement box and select Next.

Step 6

Select Next.

Step 7

Select Install.

Step 8

At the User Account Control pop-up, select Yes to continue the installation.

Step 9

Installation is complete, select Finish.

Step 10

To configure your VPN connection, at the Virtual Intranet Access pop-up, select Click to download VPN profile.

Step 11

Type into the required field, followed by your OneID and Password.

Then select Download.



Note: a second OneID username/password authentication is required to connect the VPN.

Enter your OneID credentials to continue.

Step 12


Step 13

You are now connected to the Macquarie OneNet Anywhere VPN network.

This is also indicated in the tool bar.

Step 14

To disconnect from the VPN network, select the Virtual Intranet Access icon on your desktop.

Step 15


Step 16

OneNet Anywhere VPN network in now disconnected.

Close Window.

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