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Setup OneNet Anywhere on an Android phone

Android version 6

Step 1

Open Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2

Search aruba via, select the Aurba VIA application.

Step 3

Tap Install.

Step 4

Tap Accept.

Step 5

Tap Open.

Step 6

Tap Click to download VPN profile.

Step 7

Type in vpnonenet.mq.edu.au in the required field, followed by your OneID and password.

Then tap Download.

Step 8

Tap Click to Connect.

Step 9

Tap OK.

Step 10

You are now connected to the Macquarie University VPN network.

Step 11

To disconnect from the VPN network select the Aruba VIA application from your home screen.

Step 12

Tap Click to Disconnect.



Step 13

You are now disconnected from the Macquarie University VPN network.



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