Setup OneNet Anywhere on iPhone iOS10

To connect to OneNet Anywhere VPN  from iOS 10 or later, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Download and Install the Aruba Networks VIA app from the Apple App Store.

Step 2

Launch the app and enter the following details: 

  1. VPN Server URL:
  2. Username or Email ID: OneID staff number (example: MQ12345678)
  3. Password: OneID password
  4. Select Download.



Note: a second OneID username/password authentication is required to connect the VPN.

Enter your OneID credentials to continue.

Step 3

Tap Tap to download VPN profile.

Step 4

After the app is configured and the profile has downloaded, you should be able to tap to connect to the VPN.

Step 5

Note: you will only need to configure the app once when you run it for the first time. For subsequent connections launch the app and tap to connect.



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