Setup OneNet WiFi

When you are within the university coverage area two connection options are available for you to choose from.

Macquarie OneNet

Selecting this wireless network requires you to set up your computer or mobile device so you have automatic access whenever you are within Macquarie OneNet WiFi coverage area without the need to authenticate every time.

Instruction by device

Windows 7
Windows XP
Mac OS X
iOS (iPhone or iPad)
Android (HTC)
OneNet Wifi Setup - Linux (Ubuntu)

Macquarie Public

When you connect to this network, you are directed to a login page automatically. You can choose to either view only Macquarie University Web pages without a staff/student ID, or you can enter your OneID credentials if to access pages elsewhere on the internet.

Need more help?

Check out the OneNet Wifi FAQs or contact the IT Service Desk.

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  1. Any chance of putting up Windows 8 instructions?

  2. Or Windows Vista for that matter, Had so many people come in and ask why they can't connect on vista.

  3. WindowsPhone does not accept client certificates with .crt extension please make sure oneNet is distributing  client certificates with .cer extension as well, otherwise  WindowsPhone users will have to enter their credentials whenever they move out of range the active Wifi hot-spot they connected, it seems sessions are not persistent and without client certificate you will have to authenticate yourself against each wifi hotspot.

  4. On newer versions of Android, use the following additional settings to connect to OneNet Wifi:

    • CA Certificate: Use system certificates
    • Domain:

    This ensures the connection remains private.

  5. Android  Settigs (tested on a no name phone - Android 7.0):


    Setting > Wi-Fi > Select: Macquarie OneNet


    Security802.1x EAP (default)
    EAP methodPEAP (default)
    Phase-2 authenticationMSCHAPV2
    CA certificate

    Use system certificates (default)
    Identity<your OneID - eg mq20133212 or student number>
    Anonymous identity<leave blank>
    Password:<your OneID password>


    You can leave all the "Advance Options" as defaults

  6. Does anyone know the correct OneNet wifi settings from the new Samsung S10 (Android 9).

  7. Here are the settings for Android 9 (Pie) on a fully updated Nokia 7.2 (change Identity and Password fields as required):