What is OneVision?

OneVision is the campus-wide digital signage communications platform designed to inform, educate and entertain staff, students and visitors to Macquarie University. OneVision is more than just technology and is founded on four simple ideas:

How can OneVision help me?

1. Empower simple distributed content production (local content is the killer app)

Content can be produced by anybody anywhere to the maximum extent possible. Production bottlenecks are eliminated and costs are minimised.

2. Create content independent from distribution (creativity decoupled from technology)

Content is created independently of where it will be shown and can be scheduled to appear on any screen at any time. Content reuse and repurposing deliver scalability and flexibility. Any screen can subscribe to any content.

3. Decide channel scheduling and distribution arbitrarily (blending local and central syndication as needed)

Production, scheduling and distribution are entirely independent activities usually carried out by multiple teams. Zero time to deploy content to a new screen increases agility and credibility for its owner even before local content is available.

4. Centralise technical equipment management and accountability (just as for OneNet)

OneVision is centrally managed, highly reliable and ubiquitously available. Players are standardised, centrally supplied and maintained with clear interface demarcation to physical display technology.


Components of oneVision

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