The Sydney Area Programming Languages INterest Group (SAPLING) aims to promote and develop research in the Programming Languages field within the Sydney area, including nearby regional centres such as Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong. We organise regular meetings of programming language academics, researchers and students to allow research at all stages to be presented and discussed in an informal setting.



SAPLING meetings allow programming language academics, researchers, industry practitioners and students to present and discuss their research and experiences in an informal setting.

SAPLING 2017 will be held at Macquarie University on November 20, 2017. Abstract submission deadline: October 18, 2017.

Previous meetings were held at Australian National University (2016), The University of Sydney (2015), Oracle Labs, Brisbane (2014), Macquarie University (2013),  Australian National University (2012),  University of Technology, Sydney (2011), University of New South Wales (2010), The University of Sydney (2009), Macquarie University (2007), Australian National University (2007) and University of New South Wales (2006).

SAPLING talks are generally of 20 minutes duration with substantial periods of time available for discussion. Talks can present completed work, outline work in progress, demonstrate a system, or provide a short tutorial on a topic of general interest.

As far as possible, selection of presenters is non-competitive, with all interested qualified speakers given an opportunity to talk, within the time constraints of a one day meeting. Preference will be given to topics of general interest.

No proceedings will be published but the talk abstracts and links to related material will be published on the SAPLING website. There is no registration fee to attend this meeting. Participants will be responsible for their own lunch costs.

Mailing list

For SAPLING announcements, please join the mailing list.

Steering Committee

Anthony Sloane, Macquarie (Chair), Anthony.Sloane AT

Manuel Chakravarty, UNSW, chak AT

Steve Blackburn, ANU, Steve.Blackburn AT

Cristina Cifuentes, Oracle Labs, cristina.cifuentes AT

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