About the Research Hub Program

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To achieve the targets set out in World-Leading Research; World-Changing Impact, Macquarie University’s Research Framework, it is essential that the University continuously strives to improve its systems that support the pursuit of excellence in research.

The University is investing in new systems and technology to streamline and automate processes and ensure that we are efficient, responsive and agile.

The Research Hub - one place for all Macquarie University research activities.

A new Research Hub is being developed to provide an integrated solution for the end-to-end management of the research lifecycle.

When completed in 2018, the Research Hub will house a suite of research management systems for researchers and research administrators. These systems will support the functions of profiles, outputs (publications), applications & awards, ERA submission, activities, impact, media, prizes, research animal management, ethics, online forms, contracts & legal and IP & commercialisation.

One of those research management systems is Pure. The Pure Research Management System (Pure RMS), is being implemented across the University to support researchers in the conduct of their research and manage their research funding applications and awards, store their research output (publications) data and facilitate reporting across our research community, aligning research information management to contemporary practices.

When completed, the Research Hub will also enhance the existing Research Portal to allow our researchers to showcase their full research output, provide our researchers with increased international visibility, and in turn help the University to attract high-profile collaboration opportunities.

Click on the below graphic to view the suite of research management and component systems that make up the Research Hub.


The Research Hub will house a suite of research management systems for researchers and research administrators and will support the functions of:

  • Researcher Profiles - (Pure RMS)
  • Research outputs (publications) - (Pure RMS)
  • Grant applications & awards - (Pure RMS)
  • Reporting - (Pure RMS)
  • ERA module - (Pure RMS)
  • Partnerships - (Pure RMS)
  • Activities, impact, media & prizes - (Pure RMS)
  • Research animal management - (RAMS)
  • Online forms
  • Ethics
  • Contracts & legal
  • IP & commercialisation


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