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Configuring frequency of messaging and email notifications

As part of the research hub, Pure (research management system), will store information on publications, grant data, tenders, prizes and press. How and when you receive email and message notifications for this type of content can be configured. This enables a researcher to get an email instantly when a grant or clinical trial is approved but only check new publications once per month.

The system contains two types of messages:

  1. Emails that are sent from the system to MQ email accounts

  2. Messaging that appears onscreen when a user is working in the system. These types of notifications can be configured separately. Therefore, an academic may receive reminder emails about new publications once per month but still be alerted to them when working inside the system for another reason.

 To learn to configure messaging and email in the system please see the guide below or download the guide.  Alternatively, you can log into Pure RMS directly.  

Checking and enriching profile information

Personal information in the Pure system is not entered directly by academics but rather is brought in directly from the HR system. A project is currently being undertaken to improve the quality of this data. Therefore, academics are only being asked to undertake limited data checking at this time.

In addition to checking data from HR, academics are also asked to enrich information in the Pure system, to be displayed in the research portal. Academics can add information on profiles and research interests. In later function releases, academics will also be able to add information on available PhD projects, personal expertise and projects to be displayed on the research portal.

To learn to check and enrich profile information please see the attached guide.  Alternatively you can log into Pure RMS directly.  

Adding and removing trusted users

Academics may want to delegate their Pure access to research office staff (or other administrative staff). These people are known as  “Trusted users”. Designated "Trusted users" can view all of your data. This includes confidential applications in progress, research outputs, or projects. “Trusted users” can act on your behalf to check (or approve) grant applications, or edit research outputs in a workflow.

To learn how to set up trusted users please see the attached guide.  Alternatively you can log into Pure RMS directly.

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