Frequently Asked Questions - ERA

Will the Pure RMS support ERA 2018?

 The role of the Pure RMS in ERA reporting is currently being explored.  

Can I add past publications from years prior to the ERA period to the Pure RMS?

Yes. You are welcome to add additional publications to the Pure RMS.

However, please note that the Library is focusing on validating publications from the current ERA period as their priority so there could be delays in these publications appearing on the public profile.

Publications Processing

 The Library is currently prioritising work on classifying/validation of ERA eligible publications.

They are also working with newly appointed researchers on the best options for importing their publications into the Pure RMS, e.g. turning on automated harvesting of publications from Scopus.

There may be some older publications that were not present in IRIS (old research management system) or imported from Scopus, Web of Science or PubMed as part of the initial import/migration.

Researchers or Research Administrators are welcome to add those publications into the Pure RMS.

There are multiple options for creating new publications in the Pure RMS as described here.

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