HDR Candidates FAQs

Can I have a public profile?

You will automatically be opted in to having a public profile. If you would not like your profile to be public, please submit a OneHelp ticket stating your StudentID and reason.

Which HDR Students can have a public profile?

You must be either a 2nd Year MRES student or PhD candidate.

What access will I have in Pure?

You will be able to add profile information, publications, press/media, prizes, activities, impacts and create your CV.

What will happen to my public profile once I complete my thesis?

Your public profile will be taken offline  but your data will remain in the back-end in Pure for reporting purposes. Your MQID will also stop working.

I already have a staff profile, is my HDR profile going to be displayed as well?

No. If you already have a staff profile, your HDR profile will not display.

Do I need to contact my HoD for my profile to be disabled (or enabled after I had requested for it to be disabled)?

No, you do not need to do this. Submit a ticket to OneHelp ticket stating your StudentID and reason.

Will my public profile re-enable after I had a research output be validated after I asked for to be opted-out?

No it will not. You will need to submit a OneHelp ticket if you wish for your public profile to be enabled.

Should I be able to add Applications in Pure even though I am no longer a staff member?

Pure will still allow you to add Applications but as this not the correct procedure, they will be aborted when being checked by your Faculty Research Manager.

I have a Student ID and a MQ ID, which one do I use to login to my Pure account?

Pure will only accept your MQ ID, so please use your MQ ID.

I do not have a publication at the moment but will publish one at a later date. Will my profile go live when the publication has been validated?

Once your publication becomes validated, your profile will become live automatically.

What happens when I leave MQ?

Your profile will be deactivated at a specific time. Your data will remain for reporting purposes but you will not have access to your profile as your MQID will not work.


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