Macquarie University Research Seeding Grants - pilot

Dear Researcher

If you are intending to apply for the Macquarie University Research Seeding Grant (MQRSG) scheme, we would like to explain how you can submit your draft application for faculty strategic review and then the final application for department and faculty approvals, through the Pure Research Management System.

This application will also be part of a pilot program for the new Applications process.

You can find a copy of the invitation to participate in the MQRSG pilot and key things you need to know  here.


In early July, Macquarie University launched the Pure Research Management System (Pure RMS) as part of the University’s new Research Hub.

An important aspect of the implementation of the Pure RMS is the piloting of the new Funding Applications process for the MQ Research Seeding Grants (MQRSG) scheme. As an applicant to this scheme, your application will be included in this pilot, to commence from 1 September.

As part of the Pure RMS implementation, the existing Research Master APLI/cover sheet research project form will be retired, and the data and approvals will now be collected through the new Pure RMS. To help support you through your application, we have outlined below how you are to apply. The main change to the process will be the submission of your application via the Pure RMS, as opposed to submission via email, for a strategic review of your draft application and final submission.


  1. Download and complete the application form (Word document) found on the MQ Research Seeding Grants web page

  2. Upon completion of your draft application and by the internal faculty deadline (Wednesday, 6 September), please log in to the Pure RMS to create your application record.
    Attach and submit your draft application as a Word document for faculty review and feedback.
    Refer to the Quick Reference Guides for Applications to guide you through this process.

  3. Your Faculty Research Office will provide you with strategic feedback on your draft application through the system.

  4. Once you have taken that feedback on board and have your final version (before the final deadline, Wednesday, 20 September), please save it as a PDF with the following naming convention: [MQRSG_FIRSTNAME_SURNAME_FINAL], then log in to the Pure RMS to attach the final version to your application record and submit it.

  5. Your application will then proceed (in the Pure RMS) to your Head of Department and Associate Dean Research for approval, and finally to the Research Office.

  6. You will receive a short online survey following your application to provide your feedback on the pilot; we value your participation.

If you have any technical issues using the Pure RMS, please contact the

The Research Office
Macquarie University

Note: The Research Office wishes to assure you that any technical difficulties experienced as part of this pilot application will not affect the eligibility of your grant.

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