Publications FAQs

Why aren't all of my research outputs in the Pure RMS?

'Research Outputs' is the term that the Pure RMS uses for a publication.

At the moment, only publications have been loaded into the Pure RMS, so this is why your profile may appear ‘incomplete’ until the remainder of outputs are migrated to the Pure RMS.

Publications Processing

The Library is currently prioritising work on classifying/validation of ERA eligible publications.

They are also working with newly appointed researchers on the best options for importing their publications into the Pure RMS, e.g. turning on automated harvesting of publications from Scopus.

There may be some older publications that were not present in IRIS (old research management system) or imported from Scopus, Web of Science or PubMed as part of the initial import/migration.

Researchers or Research Administrators are welcome to add those publications into the Pure RMS.

There are multiple options for creating new publications in the Pure RMS as described here.

How do I update my publications in the Pure RMS?

(this is particularly important for ERA)

  1. Claim / Disclaim publications that have been data harvested for you

  2. Add new or missing publications.

  3.  Edit your fingerprints .

I can't find my publication/s in the Pure RMS

As part of the migration of legacy data to the Pure Engine, the project team undertook a data harvesting exercise. New joiners are also captured in a data harvesting exercise within the Pure RMS when they are added to the system. However, some publications may not be captured by this data harvesting process. In this instance, publications need to be entered manually. 

  1. You or a ‘trusted user’ will need to add basic details and attach your publication/s into Pure RMS (note: to set up a ‘trusted user’ to act on your behalf in the system, please refer to the Add and remove a trusted user quick reference guide.)

  2. Go to the Pure RMS > My Research Output > Add New

  3. Enter your content

  4. Once content is entered, you need to set the Status to ‘For Validation’ and click Save

  5. Your publication/s will now be sent to the Library to verify

  6. Once verified by the Library, your publication/s will then ‘go-live’ on the Research Portal

If you have a large number of publications to enter, please email Research Hub Support and the Library can work with you on the various options to assist you with missing publications.

NOTE: that Journal Editorships are entered into the Pure RMS as 'activities' and not 'research outputs'. The current plan is to add these to the Pure RMS by October.

When will my publication/s that are in a state of ‘For verification’ be published on the Research Portal?

  1. Your publication/s have been sent to the Library for verification

  2. Once verified by the Library, your publication/s will then ‘go-live’ on the Research Portal

For current publications, the Library will source a copy of the publication (e.g. a book or journal article). When this is received, the library will validate the publication.

Priority is being given to publications newly entered into the Pure RMS by researchers, and ERA eligible publications.

Please note that the Library is working through a backlog of the older legacy publications.

If you require urgent validation of a publication, please email Research Hub Support.

My publication/s are not showing on the Research Portal

  1. Go to Pure RMS.

  2. Find your publication/s.

  3. Check that the Status is set to ‘For Validation’ or ‘For Re-validation'. If so, the publication is awaiting validation by the Library.

  4. Once validated by the Library, your publication/s will then ‘go-live’ on the Research Portal.

  5. If the Status is set to ‘Entry in progress', check that all required information has been entered into the record, then change the status to ‘For validation'.

  6. The publication will now be sent to the Library for validation.

  7. If the Status is showing as 'Validated', the publication should be appearing in the Research Portal. Check the ‘Visibility' of the publication shows as ‘Public - No restriction'. If not, change to ‘Public - No restriction'.

I’ve added a new publication to my profile in the Pure RMS. What happens next?

  1. Your publication will be automatically connected to your profile in the Pure RMS

  2. Your publication will now be sent to the Library to verify (note – ensure that the publication Status is set to ‘For Validation’)

  3. Once verified by the Library, your publication will then ‘go-live’ on the Research Portal

What happens when a new researcher starts? What’s the process for getting them onto the Pure RMS and then the portal?

Once you are created in the HR System, you will be created in the Pure RMS and your data will be harvested as part of the system on-boarding process. You will then need to access the Pure RMS to update your profile, claim/disclaim your publications and add any missing publications.  

Please contact the Library who can work with you to set up the harvesting of publications from Scopus and other options of adding your publications into the Pure RMS.

Where is the research data in the Pure RMS being extracted from?

Most of the publication data appearing in the Pure RMS is sourced from indexing and abstracting databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed and EbscoHost as well as Faculty-specific sources. In addition, research outputs not available from these databases, such as in Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Human Sciences, has been sourced from the Library's systems. 

How reliable is the legacy data that is being incorporated into the Pure RMS database? 

For past and current information, data will be harvested using a number of reliable external and internal sources and checked by individual academics themselves. Where there are discrepancies, there is a business process in place to rectify the data with the Library.

Do I need to attach a copy of my publications when I add them to the Pure RMS?

Yes, you have to attach a Final Accepted Version of your publication when entering your publication data.  If you are importing or adding new journal articles into the Pure RMS, please attach the 'Final Accepted Version'* of your paper into 'Electronic version(s), and related files and links' section of the Pure RMS record. This version of paper only should be attached via 'Add electronic version (file, DOI, or link)...' button. You do not need to attach the final published version of the journal article.

* Final Accepted Version is the author’s version of the manuscript of an article that has been accepted for publication and which may include any author-incorporated changes suggested through the processes of submission processing, peer review, and editor-author communications. Accepted Versions do not include other publisher value-added contributions such as copy-editing, formatting, technical enhancements and (if relevant) pagination. For most commercial publishers, the Final Accepted Version is the only version of paper allowed to be uploaded into an open access repository under the publishers’ copyright agreements.

Can I make updates to my information once it is live in the Pure RMS?

Changes to publications data or personal data, e.g., name, DOB etc. can be sent to or submitted through OneHelp.

Your request will then be forwarded to the appropriate team for response.

I updated my publications records in ORCID, but this did not update my records in the Pure RMS.

Pure RMS integration with ORCID is one directional, from the Pure RMS to ORCID. This means new publications added into the Pure RMS will be added to your ORCID registry but changes made in ORCID will not update in the Pure RMS.

For more information on how to add publications in the Pure RMS, refer to the "Add a research output manually" Quick Reference Guide.

What is expected from researchers in the publication workflow?

Researchers are expected to claim publications correctly assigned to them by the system.  For publications which are not indexed in an external database, you are expected to add a minimum amount of information and forward the record in the workflow. The Library will add additional data. 

Can I set non-english titles to show the translated title by default?

No, the title will be displayed in the original language and the translation can be viewed by clicking on the publication.

Will journal ranking information be added into the system?

The Pure RMS has the capacity to store, match and report on journal ranking information as well as lists of preferred book publishers. 

What are the confidential and restricted flags for on a publication and what happens if I turn either on?

  • Marking a publication as restricted means the publication will not be displayed on the Research Portal for any of the authors. All authors need to be in agreement prior to the restricted flag being applied.

    Note: The publication can still be seen in the Pure RMS for reporting purposes.

  • Marking a publication as confidential should only be used where the existence of the research is not to be disseminated outside the project team. 
    This flag means only the authors and the Pure RMS administrators, can view it in the system. 
    HoDs or ADRs are unable to view the publication and it is not available for reporting purposes.

Note: Those working on ERA submissions should not use this function.

If there are reasons for publication to be viewable on the portal but the full-text of the publication is to be restricted from view, please contact the Library.

Can I add past publications from years prior to the ERA period to the Pure RMS?

Yes. You are welcome to add additional publications to the Pure RMS. However, please note that the Library is prioritising the validation of publications from the current ERA period. As such, there may be delays in the validation of past publications.

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