Truth supports Macquarie University's educational and administrative activities and serves as a secure, durable and authoritative repository for digital operational documents and physical file tracking.

University staff (within University-affiliated groups, departments and organisations) are able to use Truth, with access using a valid staff OneID.

The University provides Truth as a tool in support of a collaborative data-centric work effort where anonymous content authoring permissions are not permitted. Therefore a login is required to make any changes to the information stored within Truth.

User Responsibilities

Every user is responsible for managing the security and confidentiality of the materials they uploaded into Truth by granting the appropriate level of permissions to nominated parties deemed necessary (refer to  Manage Permission guide to learn how to set permission to files/folders in Truth).Users must ensure that information uploaded into Truth complies with Macquarie University's Records and Information Policy, Information Security Policy and Privacy Statement.  Uploaded content must be Macquarie University related material and within the users area of responsibility or work function to manage.


By using Truth you are agreeing to comply with these Terms of Use and the following policies and principles:


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