Manage Permissions

One of the main feature in Truth is that user has the delegated ownership to manage their own information storage. 

What does this mean?

This means that users who has the right level of permission (coordinator access) are responsible to manage their files/folders including

  • creating folder structure
  • renaming files/folders
  • relocating files/folder
  • granting the relevant permission to other Truth users/groups
What is the purpose?

The purpose for this is to allow a more efficient, convenient and effective way of collaboration between staff across the University. Staff (who has the full access on particular files/folder) can now quickly grant permission to others to view/edit documents deemed necessary. 

How many level of permission is there?

There are 4 different level of permission one can choose from depending on restriction requirement:-

  • Coordinator – Full access
  • Collaborator – View, add, modify and delete other user's content
  • Contributor – View, add content to folder and restricted to only modify own content
  • Consumer – View Only
How do I manage and grant permissions in Truth?

Managing Inherited Permissions

Managing Local Permissions

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