Truth is funded centrally and available to the entire Macquarie University community. There is considerable demand for Truth and only a small working team so some lead time may be involved once a decision is made to adopt.

Departmental migration of existing network shares

Migration of an existing organisational unit file server to Truth takes time to plan and execute; the pay-off is achieving the right kind of access and correct structure. Truth team will collaborate with each requesting organisational unit to ensure smooth transition. Part of this collaboration is understanding the types of information to be migrated into Truth, designing the permission model needed to ensure information security and assessing how specific technology applications may create value.

To enquire about what is involved in migrating to Truth, raise a OneHelp ticket by sending an email to A member of the Truth team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Physical document digitisation

If you have a collection of physical documents that need to be digitised, Truth can be a natural home for them.

To enquire about physical document digitisation, contact Memory team by emailing

New functionality

Truth is an extensible platform built on the open-source Alfresco enterprise content management system. Macquarie Memory Digital team can potentially implement new functionality including integrating Alfresco plugins, creating new document-centric workflows or adding new Truth-powered apps. Activities like these require investigation, cost estimation, engineering, scheduling and launch.

To suggest a new Truth capability, raise a OneHelp ticket

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