Records Management

What is a record?

A record is an important and unique source of information of any format (electronic document, website etc.) which represents proof of existence of activities within an organisation. All information created, received or sent in the course of employee's work is potentially a record.

What is record management?

Record management is a systematic approach of controlling organisation's records throughout their life cycle in order to comply towards business and statutory requirements. It ensures that vital evidence of an organisation's activities is preserved to mitigate risk and redundant information is destroyed to maintain storage efficiency and protect classified information.

Why is record management important?

A record management is important to ensure records are :-

  • accurate
  • authentic
  • secure
  • reliable
  • trackable
  • retrievable
Types of University Records

Macquarie University's records are govern by States Records Act . To comply with the new State Records Compliance issues in 2015 see here (log in to Truth with your OneID credentials), the Records and Information Management Policy has been proposed and approved to proceed to Cycle Stage 1.   Here is the quick reference guide and Updated policy .

Why Truth?

Truth has been identified as a secure and an authoritative repository for University's digital record storage and management. To support an effective management of Macquarie University's record, staff could leverage the Truth functionality:-

  • Version Control - Truth allows user to upload different version of a document and capture the history of each version with time stamp and footprint of person who made the modification. It also allow user to self-help switch, download and open older version of document.
  • Access Control - Truth offers the flexibility to users to self-manage fine grain (file) or course grain (folder) access depending on user's requirements.
  • Truth Unique ID - Every file and document in Truth has a Unique ID assigned. The Unique ID is a durable link where it does not break over time, relocation within Truth nor renaming files/folder.
  • Search by Metadata - Truth capture and store both content and metadata (information about files/folders) of every item stored. It does metadata indexing which enable users to have more flexibility to search for the relevant information they are after.
  • Search by Content - Truth also perform a full content indexing which again provide another flexibility for users to search for key word for document content instead of just title of document.
  • Security - Truth syncs with Macquarie University's Active Directory and only allows active staff member to be able to access into Truth with their OneID credentials.
  • Audit Log - Each activity performed upon Truth files and folders is captured in log hence provides an audit trail.
What type of records are stored in Truth?

Types of records that are stored in Truth

  • Student Records
    • Postgraduate student records
    • HDR candidature records
  • Staff Records
  • University Vital records
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