Virtual Reality use cases

  1. 360° Videos as a Low Immersive Virtual Experience

360°  Videos have been used to create immersive experiences. As these 360° videos, do not forget to navigate on the screen by swiping with your finger, or using your cursor, to get an overall effect. Some of the uses are shown below: 

  1. 360°  Movies 

    The Jungle Book Amazing New 360° video
  2. Documentaries

     360° Great Hammerhead Shark Encounter | National Geographic
  3. Virtual tours

    Paris VR 
    See for a Munich City Tour using Cospaces 
    Read more on the advantages of using VR in tourism here. And a review of how it is used in tourism by CNN. And a document  with research findings to confirm the advantages of VR for tourism in Australia here
    Tour the Museum of Fine arts  and use Google Earth to see the world in this game.
    2. Highly Immersive Virtual Experiences
  4. As an assistive technology for the blind to experience art and sculpture. 
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    Read on making art accessible using VR here
  5. For architectural design 

    Architectural Design in Virtual Reality - Full Process - VRtisan - Unreal Engine VR Editor

  6. In collaborative design work

    Digital Geometry for a shared collaborative immersive experience. 
  7. Virtual engineering experiences 

    The Power of Immersive Virtual Engineering by ESI Group. 
    The MIDEN Lab University of Michigan provides training for engineers using VR here.  
  8. Training  

    Employees in Volksvagen are trained in VR. Not only that, they are the first car manufacturer to roll out VR technology with the HTC VIVE-VR system.

Extras: For research 

Some projects at the ICT's Mixed Reality Lab, at University of Southern California's (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies on virtual reality, augmented reality, and everything in between. The projects explore the intersections of VR and accessibility, avatars, and even aerial drones. For a shorter video on USC see here. 

An overview of uses of VR


Wall Street Journal (2016).  A Virtual Reality Guide to Virtual Reality (360 Video)


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