What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website where all the users can contribute content using a web browser. This makes wikis ideal for project collaboration and anywhere where teams of people work together.

Why use a Wiki?

The wiki is a place for knowledge, collaboration and information to be shared amongst the Macquarie University community in a way that is positive, informative and constructive.

What's the Sandpit?

The Sandpit is a place where you can try out the wiki without fear of making mistakes. Create new pages, insert pictures, write a blog post.. go crazy!

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  1. Dear Wiki Drop-in clinic team,

    I wish to know the best way to do load Words Document onto Wiki pages.

    I wish to know how to limit access to only a few people.

    I wish to know the process from beginning to end.





  2. Hi Hien,

    The best way to get answers fast to your questions is to email the wiki clinic team directly - wikiclinic@mq.edu.au

    Alternatively, you can attend the next wiki clinic and have the team run through step-by-step any queries you have.