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So you're brand new to this whole wiki thing? What is it? How do you use it? Well you're in the right place. Use the guides below to help you get started.


Ready to go to the next level?

Teach yourself using the guides below. And don't forget to come along to a Wiki Drop-in Clinic to learn and ask questions in person.

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  1. Comments/questions from Town Hall:

    • Difference between pages and blogs.
      • Importance of posting blogs for news for projects. e.g. meeting minutes should be blog posts.
    • Commenting vs. simply editing the page:
      • To give feedback on the content, leave a comment.
      • If you see a change that needs to be made, just make it. (Editors/watchers will be notified.)
    • Don't prepare your work offline/in a separate document then post it all at once. Start your work on the wiki, it's ok for pages to be wrong/incomplete and then updated.
  2. Dee - great work putting together this summary of using the MQ wiki.

    From your townhall presentaion a recall a question regarding tracking updates (eg Watching a page).

    Perhaps a bullet point with a link to, under point 3 (or 4) would be beneficial.

  3. I've created some guidelines targeted at PACE (and particularly for people who haven't used the wiki before), but feel free to steal anything that is more generally useful.