Terms of Use


Macquarie University Wiki supports the educational and administrative activities of the University and serves as one means of communication by and among users. The purpose of these terms is to ensure that this service remains available and reliable, and is used for purposes appropriate at Macquarie University.


This policy applies to all members of the Macquarie community who are entitled to use the Wiki: faculty, staff and students, and other affiliated classes of individuals.


The Wiki is provided as an online tool in support of a collaborative work effort at Macquarie University. Its use is therefore restricted to Macquarie-affiliated groups, departments and organisations only. Wiki spaces will not be created for private use.

User Responsibilities

Use of a wiki space must be consistent with Macquarie University educational goals, as well as comply with local, state and federal laws and University policies.

Wiki space users are accountable to Macquarie University and fellow wiki collaborators. A login is therefore required to add or change content. Configuring a wiki with anonymous writing permissions is not permitted.

Wiki space owners must keep data space usage to a reasonable level for the purpose of their wiki.

All users must abide by the Attachments, Embedded content and Styles and Fonts conventions.

Personal Spaces

If you are not a person authorised to speak on behalf of Macquarie University, you must ensure that you make it clear that the content on your space is your own personal opinion and not that of the University.

Related Policies and Procedures

By using wiki.mq.edu.au you are agreeing to comply with the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy. Use and content of a wiki space must additionally adhere to:

Public Comment Policy
Information Security Policy
Privacy Statement

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