Wiki Drop-in Clinic

Wiki Drop-in Clinic Calendar

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How does the clinic work?

  • Every second Wednesday of the month
  • 1.00pm - 3.00pm Level 3, 1 Innovation Rd
  • The clinic is open for 2 hours.
  • You can bring your own laptop and learn as you go!

  • You are welcome to let us know in advance that you will be attending by emailing
  • Material demonstrated will based on a set agenda + what people (you) ask for.
  • Pre-posted questions will definitely be addressed on the day.
  • Each demonstration will be open to anyone, not just the person who asked for it.
  • Bring your lunch or a coffee!



Submit your questions to


Information Technology - Magnetism meeting room, Level 3, 1 Innovation Rd.

Agenda + your questions

Create New & Edit existing Page

  • Inserting Page layouts

  • Page name
  • Page preview and save
  • What is Auto saving
  • Linking
  • Inserting Table (Table filters & Sort)
  • Inserting macros
  • Symbols & Emoticons
  • Adding Task list and @mentions
  • Insert images

Watching a Page, Person or Space

  • How to watch a Page
  • Notify watchers
  • Manage watchers
  • How to add a Page to your Favourites
  • Adding Comments to a page

Copy, move, delete and share a page

  • How to Copy a page
  • How to Copy Page Tree
  • How to Move a page
  • How to Share a page


  • How to View and Edit page permissions - by Space/Page owner
  • How to manage Space permissions - by Administrator