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titleGmail visitor account not working?

Known issue: Gmail removes periods from email addresses when processing them. For example, the email actually renders as

This is not an iPrint problem - it's a Gmail "feature".

titleI don’t have an OneID account, can I still use the iPrint enabled printers?

 Yes! You can still Print, Scan and Copy without a OneID account.

titleHow can I print without a OneID account?

Step 1

Email with document attachment to upload your print job to


Step 2

Check your email. You will receive two emails:

  1. The first email will acknowledge that your job has been successfully accepted by the iPrint server.
  2. The second email will contain a URL address tosetupyour to setup your iPrint Password.

Step 3

Click on the URL address to create your Password.


Step 4

Visit to top up your balance.


Step 5

Visit a printer and enter your Username and Password to collect your print job from a printer.

(lightbulb) Hint: Your Username will be your registered email address.

titleCan I reuse my existing Casual Card?

 Yes, but you'll need to register your Casual Card at the Library Service Desk before printing with the new iPrint system.

titleHaving issues with your Print job?

Seek assistance from your local support team or call callOneHelp on 9850 .

titleI changed my document from colour to B&W but it doesn't print out?

Known issue: If you change your print document at the printer from colour to B&W, the estimated cost of the print job does not change on the screen. even you may have enough iPrint credit to print the job in B&W, iPrint sees that you have less credit than the estimated (colour) cost.

Therefore, the system will not allow the job to be printed. You will need to put more credit into your iPrint account to be able to print.

The actual cost of the job is correct when the print job is released.