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10:00-17:00, November 21, 2016

Engineering Theatre, Building 32 (Engineering), Australian National University, Canberra

Local Arrangements

Participants are responsible for their own lunch which we usually get as a group from the ANU food outlets nearby. Snacks, tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

Information about transport and parking can be found on the ANU web siteThe google map directions to the “ANU Engineering Building” ( take you to the right place. There is pay parking right in front of the building, on the other side of University Ave.The best approach to the theater is from the ‘front’ of the Engineering building.

There are multiple decent cafes within walking distance 

The easiest lunch options are clustered around Union Court (


Talk slots are twenty-five  minutes including questions, except for the invited talk. See the attachments on this page for the abstracts and slides from the meeting.

10:00-10:05 Welcome

10:05-10:45 Invited talk: Tony Hosking (ANU), Keith Chapman (Purdue), Eliot Moss (UMass): Hybrid STM/HTM for Nested Transactions on OpenJDK

10:45-11:15 Break

11:15-11:40 Mark Utting (Sunshine Coast): Verifying Whiley Programs with Boogie

11:40-12:05 Min-Hsien Weng, Bernhard Pfahringer, Mark Utting (Waikato): Memory Optimization for C implementations of Whiley

12:05-12:30 Pongsak Suvanpong, Anthony Sloane, Franck Cassez (Macquarie): Applying Predicates Abstraction on Trace Abstraction Refinement

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:25 Clint Jeffery (Idaho): Recent Developments in Unicon

14:25-14:50 Yi Lu, Paddy Krishnan and Raghavendra K. R. (Oracle Labs, Australia): On Dynamic Analysis for Information-Flow Security in Object-Oriented Programs.

14:50:15:15  Alexander Jordan (Oracle Labs, Australia), Roberto Amadini (Melbourne): Real-world Challenges for JavaScript Analysis: Efficient String Domains and Beyond

15:15-15:45 Break

15:45-16:10 Matthew Roberts, Anthony Sloane, Franck Cassez (Macquarie): (SL)Engineering a Static Analyser

16:10-16:35 Behnaz Hassanshahi (Oracle Labs, Australia): A Study on Dynamic Analysis and Penetration Testing Tools for Web Applications

16:35-17:00 Stepan Sindelar, Paddy Krishnan, Bernhard Scholz, K. R. Raghavendra and Yi Lu (Oracle Labs Australia): Scalable Provenance Generation from Flow-Insensitive Points-To Information

17:00 Wrap up


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