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Can I format the text sections of my CV and change the font?
You cannot make changes to text style and formatting of the CV in Pure. If you need to edit your CV, download the CV as a PDF or Word document and then make the changes.


What is happening to individual Researcher legacy profiles and the Research Centres and Research Groups pages on the website?

  • There is no change to existing Research Centre webpages as a result of PURE. Existing webpages will be maintained as usual. Marketing and DVC (R) Office are working on a longer term strategy for Research Groups, which will be housed in the Matrix CMS (public website).

  •  For individual Researcher profiles, Pure Profiles are expected to be complete and represent “full research output” in early 2018. 

  •  Please continue to maintain legacy profiles until Pure Profiles can be effectively leveraged to provide a reasonable replacement for these legacy profiles.  Group Marketing is currently working on a solution with the Faculty of Arts; a recommendation will be proposed before the end of August.

  • If an Academic publishes a new publication, they will need to update it on both their Pure profile as well as their legacy profile until such time as the legacy profiles are decommissioned (a progressive process that will begin after the recommended Pure-based solution is agreed upon).

  • Where departments are merged and old webpages are decommissioned for obsolete departments, Pure Profiles are used instead of creating new “legacy” profiles. Noting that these will become more complete over time.

  • Legacy profiles will  be decommissioned over time as profile information is migrated into Pure Profiles. At the completion of this process, Pure Profiles will become the source of truth for Academic profiles on the Macquarie website.