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What is the Pure Research Management System


(Pure RMS)?

Click here to access the Pure Research Management System (Pure RMS).

It is the system that researchers or research administrators will use to apply for funding; manage awards and contracts; record research outputs, prizes and other activities; and create CVs, so that they can be showcased on the Macquarie University Research Portal.

It is one system of a suite of research management systems that forms the Research Hub.

A complete roll-out of Pure RMS across the University is due for completion in 2018. 



Why is the Pure Research Management System
(Pure RMS) important to Macquarie University?

The Pure RMS will allow Macquarie to have commonality in the conduct of research related activities across the University.

The University recognises the need to provide access MQ research output for government assessment exercises such as Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) & also to meet the policy requirements of grant funding bodies such as Australian Research Council (ARC) & the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Benefits include:

  • A centralised repository for the total intellectual output of Macquarie University

  • Showcasing research outputs, awards and HDR etc. (researcher profiles)

  • ‘Find an expert’ capability

  • Integrated CV creation and management capability

  • Improved user experience

  • Better access and a self-service capability for Research and associated staff

  • Improved reporting capability

  • Executive dashboards

  • Drill-down capabilities

  • Real-time aggregated reporting

  • Enhanced statutory reporting

  • Improved forms and workflow

  • Reduced number of in-house developed systems

  • Single source of truth for research output

  • Enable International collaboration tracking

  • Greater global research reputation via rankings and benchmarking

  • Web-based software, allowing for easy access anywhere, anytime