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What is Hack Mac?

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During the week of Australian Government awareness initiative Stay Smart Online, Macquarie University IT is running a student hacking competition Hack Mac 2018 on Friday 12 October.


The event is supported by the Optus Macquarie Cyber Security Hub as well as Fortinet, a well known cyber security equipment vendor.

The event is run from a purpose built environment that allows close monitoring by Jeremy Koster, Macquarie University Information Security Manager. The University has extensive protection measures to ensure that staff and student data remains safe. As typical in the industry, the University regularly commissions similar activities to be performed by trusted third parties to test the Universities external defences.



The Event

A select group of undergraduate students will compete in various hacking challenges to raise awareness of cyber security across the University student and staff community. Participants will have a range of hacking challenges:


  • Lock picking

  • Proximity card cloning

  • WiFi encryption cracking

  • Capture the flag hacking challenges

  • Breaking into The University's own internet-facing systems


Check out the photo's


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