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Announcements about reading group meetings are sent to the whole Department of Computing, but we also maintain a mailing list for regular participants and for participants who are not in the department. The mailing list receives announcements and special mailings not of general interest. Anyone can ask to be subscribed to the list. Alternatively, you can receive announcements by subscribing to the RSS feed of the Latest Space News for the Programming Languages Research Group (PLRG) via the sidebar to the left of this page.

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 The Lean Theorem Prover

On July 7 August 4 we will discuss Microsoft's Language Server Protocol which is designed to sit between editors/IDEs and language servers that provide editor features such as completion, definition support etc. Details can be found in the project's github repository in particular in the documentation for Version 3 Lean Theorem Prover via a short system description paper and tutorials on the Lean web site.

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