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Add suggestions for reading group topics to this page.

JastAdd attribute grammar system

 On July 29 we looked at a tutorial on the JastAdd attribute grammar system 


Hack and HHVM

wanting to find a good introductory overview paper or talk

Hop multi-tier web language

Grace programming language

LogicBlox tech

e.g. LogiQL

Whiley programming language

Shen programming language

Fay programming language

Algol60 programming language

Functional Reactive Programming

Paper suggestions: and at

Introductory category theory

Trace-based compilation

SPUR: A trace-based JIT compiler for CIL

The essence of compiling with traces


Dependently typed language, with applications to Web

Compiler verification, CompCert

CerCo: Certified Complexity

Writing GHC passes in Coq

Channel 9 MSDN talks

More on revision systems, merging

Program Integration for Languages with Procedure Calls (1995)
D. Binkley, S. Horwitz and T. Reps

Types vs Modularity

The Essence of Principal Typings
J. Wells

Types are Anti-Modular
Gilad Bracha
(Relates to Principal Typings paper).

Effects systems

Isabell/HOL strategies

Rats! An Easily Extensible Parser Generator

Guice (Google's dependency injection framework

IBM X10 Language (competitor to Fortress)


Parallel Languages


Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire

Erik Meijer et al


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