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Follow-me printing gives users more flexibility and greater control over their print jobs and can even help reduce waste by making printing itself more intentional.

iPrint users will benefit by having the convenience of collecting print jobs from multiple locations around campus, significant cost savings to the University and a reduction in our carbon footprint!


iPrint online

(Students and Staff)





DIY - Setup iPrint on your computer






Collecting your print

titleCard Authentication (one-time setup)

When you print for the first time to iPrint there will be a one-time-only Authentication setup.

After you tap your campus card, simply enter your OneID username and password to proceed.

titleCollect Print

Step 1

TapyourCampus Card on the card reader or enter your OneID credentials then press login.

Step 2

Press iPrint.

Step 3

Your print jobs will appear in the Waiting queue.

(lightbulb) Tip: Press Printed to view your past print jobs or Favorite to view your favorites.

Step 4

Select print job(s) then press Print.

(lightbulb) Tip: To access Basic Settings  press the Cogwheel.

Press to change preferences for chosenprintjobthen select Print.

Step 5

 Collect your print job.

Step 6

Press Exit on the touchscreen or hardware button to log out.




Quick Reference Guides

titleHow to print online

To print using on the web, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Login at using your OneID Username and Password.

Step 2

Select upload job from the left navigation bar. 

Step 3

Select the files you wish to print then select Open.

Step 4

Select your printing preferences. 

Step 5

Hit upload.
titleScan to Email
 To scan using the printer, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Tapyour Campus Card at the printer.

Step 2

Press Scan.

Step 3

Place document on the scanner glass.

Step 4

Press scan to my email. Your document will be scanned and sent to your MQ email address.

Step 5

Press Exit to log out.


titleHow to copy

To photocopy a document using the printer, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Tapyour Campus Card.

Step 2

Press Copy.

Step 3

Place document on the scanner glass.  

Step 4

Select Quick Copy to select your Copy preferences.

Step 5

Select your copy preferences, then press Program to preview your document.

Step 6

 Press the Start button on the printer.

Step 7 

Collect documents from the print tray.

Step 8

Press the hardware logout button on the printer to log out.






Most Commonly Asked Questions

titleWhere are iPrint enabled printers located?

All Student Access

  • Library all levels
  • 17 Wally's Walk - Digital Lounge

Restricted Student Access

  • FBE E4B Labs - rooms 102, 118, 206, 208, 214 and 306.
  • MUIC  E3A - rooms 167, 168, 169 and 170. 

titleIs there an iPrint app?

Yes, there is an app where you can release your print jobs from on the App Store and Google Play.

To use the app,first make sure your device is connected to OneNet WiFi.

Then scan the QR code on the printer,login using your OneID and password, then release and manage any print jobs in your queue.

titleWhat is the QR code on the printer used for?

There is an app available from the App store and Google Play that allows you to release and manage your prints without having to log in to the printer.

For instructions on how to use the app, please refer to the 'Is there an iPrint app?' FAQ above.

titleHow do I top up my account balance?

You can recharge your account balance via the payment gateway on the web portal at

You can also recharge your card with cash at the recharge machines.

titleWho can use iPrint?

Students, Library, patrons and selected staff. 

titleKnown issues
titleI changed my document from colour to B&W but it doesn't print out?

Known issue: If you change your print document at the printer from colour to B&W, the estimated cost of the print job does not change on the screen. even you may have enough iPrint credit to print the job in B&W, iPrint sees that you have less credit than the estimated (colour) cost.

Therefore, the system will not allow the job to be printed. You will need to put more credit into your iPrint account to be able to print.

The actual cost of the job is correct when the print job is released.

titleGmail visitor account not working?

Known issue: Gmail removes periods from email addresses when processing them. For example, the email actually renders as

This is not an iPrint problem - it's a Gmail "feature".