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10:00-17:30, November 23, 2012
Theatre T5, Manning Clarke Center
Australian National University, Canberra

See the attachments on this page for the abstracts and most slides.

See the end of this page for parking information.


10:00-10:05 Welcome and Introduction


  • Sean Seefried, NICTA
    Generic Matrix Multiplication
  • Tiejun Gao, Australian National University
    Tolerating holes in wearable memories

11:05-11:30 Break


  • Xi Yang, Australian National University
    Scalable Garbage Collector On Multi-core Processors
  • Rifat Shahriyar, Australian National University
    To Infinity and Beyond: High Performance Garbage Collection Combining Reference Counting and Immix

12:30-14:00 Lunch


  • Vitaly Nikolenko, University of Sydney
    Communication Aware Actor Allocation of Stream Programs
  • Nic Hollingum, University of Sydney
    Fault Tolerance in Streaming Systems
  • Yousun Ko, Yonsei University and University of Sydney
    A Speculative Parallel DFA Membership Test for Multicore, SIMD and Cloud Computing Environments

15:30-16:00 Break


  • Vivek Kumar, Australian National University
    Designing a High Performance Work-Stealing Framework
  • Andrew Santosa, University of Sydney
    Path-Sensitive Backward Slicing


One option is voucher parking, and at this time of year, there should be no problem finding a spot. A good option in that regard is a voucher lot right near the corner of Barry Drive and North Road , adjacent to tennis courts (some courts recently removed and replaced by parking lots). That lot also happens to be opposite the two computer science buildings. It is a short walk (exact route) to the south east around the Sports Union via stepping stones over Sullivan's creek to get to the MCC complex. More details on ANU visitor parking are available at this page.

One can usually find off-street parking in the adjacent suburb of Acton, for example on Masson St about 1km walk from the Manning Clarke Center. Walking directions. If you zoom in to the map, you will see parked cars on the Northern side of Masson St. Most of the closer streets do not permit parking during the day.

If you don't wish to park off-street or use pay-and-display parking, you can request a one day parking permit from Steve Blackburn. If you chose this option, please call Steve between 9am and 10am on Friday morning (04 1012 5636) and he will arrange for you to get a pass. Using the pass allows you to park in the "General Permit" and "Staff Permit" areas of campus, subject to availability of parking spaces. The nearest such area and the walking route to MMC are indicated here.

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