Using for the first time?

If you're on Windows, you can begin using immediately as you would any other printer. dialog box (Windows)

If you're on a Mac, you will need to follow the authentication steps below before collecting your first print. This is a one time only set-up procedure.

Printing the first time on Mac OS X 

Step 1

After pressing the print button on your document selection, open the print job queue (located on the dock).

Highlight the On Hold document in the status section.

Step 2

Press the Resume button on the tool bar to continue.

Mac OS X Lion users will see this screen

Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Mavericks users will see this screen.

Step 3

Enter your OneID username and password. Tick the Remember this password in my keychain box to prevent having to repeat the first print setup again, then select OK. dialog box (Mac OS X)

Step 4

Your print will be sent to the iPrint servers and your document will disappear from your Mac's local queue as below. You can find your document in the iPrint queue by logging into

Step 5

Collecting your document.

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