Setup OneNet Anywhere on Linux (Centos 7 / RedHat)

Please note: screenshots may reflect older versions of driver installation, but each Step and Driver Link is correct




Step 1

Open terminal.

Step 2

Run commands:

sudo yum install qt-x11


Step 3

Re-link the shared library

Step 4

Download the Aruba VIA VPN client version 7 - via-

Download the Aruba VIA VPN client version 6 - via-

Step 5

Right click on the installer and click Properties.

Step 6

Click on Permissions tab, check the Allow executing file as program box, then Close window.

Step 7

Double click the installer.

Step 8

Begin the Setup Wizard by selecting Next.

Step 9

Check the I agree to the terms of the license box, then select Next.

Step 10

Select Finish.

Step 11

Enter your password and select OK.


Step 12

The Aurba VIA icon has now been added to your  menu bar.


Step 13

Select Click to download VPN profile

Step 14

Type into the required field, followed by your OneID and Password.

Then select Download.



Note: a second OneID username/password authentication is required to connect the VPN.

Enter your OneID credentials to continue.

Step 15


Step 16

You are now connected to the Macquarie OneNet Anywhere VPN network.

Step 17

To disconnect from the VPN network, select the Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) icon.

Step 18


Step 19

OneNet Anywhere VPN network in now disconnected.

Close Window.


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