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As part of the staged roll out of the new Macquarie University Research Hub, at the end of August we’ll be streamlining the way that you develop and submit grant applications and manage awarded grants (known as Awards in the new system).

What will this mean for you?
At the end of August, you will use Pure to enter new grant applications, which will integrate and simplify the previously separate APLI process and application development and submission process.

Your historical Macquarie University grant application and awards data will also be available for you to check in Pure at the end of August. Awards data will appear on your profile on the Pure public portal, at the end of September.

Pre and Post-Award Training Workshops

Training sessions are underway work have been developed for those involved in 'pre and post award' applications from the Research Office, Faculty Research offices, the Office of Financial Services and other Professional staff. All invitations have been sent, don't forget to accept all invitations as there are multiple sessions being held. sessions for researchers will be available in early September.

If you would like to attend a session, please email 


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