Computational thinking and computer programming education micro-symposium (11am 29 November 2017 in C5A430)

Attendees: Amael Arguel, Malcolm Ryan, Michael Stevenson, Anne Forbes, Maria Hatzigianni, Vanessa Todd, Joanne Mulligan, Kay-Dennis Boom, Jennifer Lai, Matt Bower (10)


Computational thinking – the ability to solve problems using concepts fundamental to computer science – underpins almost all aspects of modern society (Wing, 2006). While there is increasing emphasis upon building the digital capabilities of future generations, there are few in-depth empirical studies that examine computational thinking and the process of computer programming in practice. In this micro-symposium Kay-Dennis Boom and Dr Jennifer Lai will present results from an empirical analysis of computational thinking in practice, and present a framework for analysing computer programming processes as they relate to education.

What: Computational thinking and computer programming education symposium
When: 11am-12pm Wednesday 22nd of November 2017
Where: C5A430 Active Learning Space
Who: Anyone interested in computational thinking or computing education
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